MISSIONS - How can I help others?

We have Volunteer/Mission opportunities for EVERYONE!

  • United Methodist Women (Searcher's Circle and Faith Circle) - You will find many opportunities to be in mission as a part of a UMW Circle through their participation in the global and local ministries of the church.  The UMW reading program is also available to the women of the UMW.

  • Youth and Adult Mission Trips - travel with other youth and adults for a mission project in another part of the country.  All Jr/Sr high youth and adult chaperones are encouraged to participate in this life changing opportunity to serve.

  • West Des Moines Human Service - we save sample motel-sized bottles of shampoo and bars of soap.  There is a basket in the mission area of St. Andrews Hall for these donations.

  • COG - Churches Outreach Group - sponsors and co-sponsors many annual events for low income families including the monthly personal care item drive.  COG supports the projects of the West Des Moines Human Services Department.

  • Seasonal Missions - the changing seasons bring a number of annual hands-on mission projects.  Some of these include the Back-to-School Fair at CFUM in July and Thanksgiving Ingathering in November, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and Adopt-A-Family gifts to West Des Moines residents.

  • Quarters - deposit your quarters in the tube at the back of the Sanctuary on the Computer/Sound Cabinet for the Heifer Project.

  • MOVE the Food (Emergency Food Pantry) - the third Sunday of the month is designated Food Pantry Sunday at Valley UMC.  Bring items of non-perishable food anytime and set them in the grocery cart in St. Andrews Hall.  Monetary donations are also accepted.

  • Children and Family Urban Movement Programs (CFUM) - help serve breakfast and play with the children before school (M-F 6:45 - 8:15 a.m.); The Haven - after school fun and helping with homework, one-on-one or in small groups sharing your faith with kids who need some extra TLC; Supper Club - On the 2nd Friday of every month, Valley UMC members buy, prepare and serve a meal at Trinity Church.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office or Deb Stensrud or any of the Missions Committee Members.

Valley UMC bought a HEIFER INTL ARK in 2010!!!!

The gift of the Ark sends 15 pairs of animals to places where they are needed most!

2 Camels to help families in Tanzania transport water and earn income.

2 Pigs to help families in the Dominican Republic attain greater self-reliance.

2 Cows to bring milk and income to families in Kosovo.

2 Trios of Rabbits to provide food and income to families in Vietnam.

2 Donkeys to supply animal draft power to families in Zimbabwe.

2 Beehives to help families in Mexico earn money through the sale of honey and beeswax.

2 Sheep to help families in the United States produce wool.

2 Llamas/Alpacas to improve livestock bloodlines and produces wool for families in Bolivia.

2 Flocks of Geese to help families in China better their nutrition and income through the productions of eggs and meat.

2 Goats to help families in Poland provide milk for their children and earn extra income.

2 Oxen to families in Cameroon to help pull plows and carts.

2 Flocks of Chicks to help families in Cambodia improve nutrition and replenish their land.

2 Trios of Ducks to help families in Thailand generate income through the sale of eggs and birds.

2 Trios of Guinea Pigs to help families in Peru add protein to their diets and earn income.

2 Water Buffalo to help families in the Philippines increase rice production through animal draft power .

How much have you been blessed and how are you sharing your gifts?

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